Oh, the relief, when it finally comes.
May it be great or may it be small,
whichever way the water runs,
we've experienced it all.

When even wishes and prayers are unmet,
relief can still come; from the unexpected yet.

We all seek relief of one sort or another,
when all of our plans seem to run asunder.

When all hope is lost and we're being pulled under,
the last straw is grasped and keeps us afloat.
And when that happens it's humble, not gloat.

For who is not in need of occasional relief?
The rich man, the poor man, the occasional thief.

So judge not your fellow man for the state he is in,
who are you to define what is good and what is sin.

Just walk for a while in his or her shoes.
And judge not too quickly who will win or lose.

For you can provide relief with a simple gesture,
why let a problem lie there and fester.

The rush of relief is glorious to behold,
as the burden is released it's worth more than gold.

The ultimate relief is very simply, our death.
When we suffer no more and breathe our last breath.

Great Relief

Relief ©

It's really hard to tell what's going on with other people
as they struggle with life's ups and downs. It's easy to
misread what's happening, especially if they disguise
what's really bothering them. Sometimes, a little help
goes a long way and costs little or nothing when it comes.

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