Regrets? Oh yes, I've had a few,
into every life regrets come due.

But I don't let regrets drag me down,
face life with a smile, not a frown.

Regrets can put a weight on you,
you try to hide, but they show through.

Don't let regrets hang around.
Don't let them drag you down.

Don't regret that you let them go,
they weren't for you; only for show.

Don't regret that you lied.
Everyone lies that they hide.

Don't regret that you missed the boat,
the gangplank to it disguised a moat.

So if you go through life with regrets,
thinking, What ifs? and, And yets...

Don't blame me for telling you,
that regrets are just a pile of doo.

But then, I'm me, and you are you.

No Regrets

Poster © Shana Schutte Blog

Into every life some regrets may come.

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