Red, White, and Blue

Oh, to be read,
To be lily pure white,
And true blue.

That is my wish,
Isn’t it you?

Red blood courses my veins,
White pale skin without its hue.
Not a dark, blueblood, blue.

If I were an aristocrat,
Wouldn’t know what to do.
Would you?

Red complements white,
White complements blue.
Blue on red clashes.
What am I to do?

Red sun on the horizon,
White clouds, too.
Set into an azure blue sea,
Wouldn’t you?

Red is my embarrassment,
White is my foggy view.
Blue is my sorrow,
When I lose you.

Primary colors fire my life,
Not a tricolor, one nation,
Point of view.

You thought something different,
Didn’t you?


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Copyright 2002 © Ronald W. Hull