Reality Game Shows

So you want your fifteen minutes of fame?
Stretch it out longer if you play the game.

All you got to do is fill out a form,
embellish it with idiosyncratic norm.

All the better to get selected
if you're not so well-connected.

When you get the call act surprised,
don't tell them where your real lies.

Money, honey is what you're after.
Smooth operator, sly, a real crafter.

So size up your fellow contestants,
eyeing their surmountable resistance.

Once on air, start acting the fool,
you'll get more camera time to tool.

Cut the legs off those who are weak,
don't let them know your mean streak.

And if you risk--risk it all.
Go for broke and take the fall.

So when some other guy gets the prize,
your smart ass ways are not wise.

Home with your tail between your legs,
a local celebrity--bring out the kegs!

So you didn't win the big buck today,
That's okay, don't give a f**k, anyway.
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