Read It!   (With Apologies to Michael Jackson)


Read it, read it!  Better get busy and read it.

Food for the mind, muse for the soul.  Read it.


Let the words roll from your tongue.

Savor their sounds, one by one. 


Let them provoke your wildest thoughts.

Let them sow in you what you've sought. 


"But, Dad.  Poetry's for sissies!"

And poetry, tonight, will be for you, missy!


And so, we read our daily dose.

Ideas flying like the Holy Ghost. 


And toast the thoughts so clear and pure.

That they float like music in your ear. 


And conjure up a home of our own.

Without walls, keys or a mortgage loan.


A home for our thoughts and dreams.

A sanctuary sublime it seems. 


But to get there we have to read it.

So turn off that TV and beat it. 


To bed and under the covers.

The hiding place for poetry lovers.


And read it!


Copyright 2000 © Ronald W. Hull



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