Razor  Sharp

Dull is last century,
sharp is in.
So sharpen your pencil,
and let us begin.

Throw out those rants,
about your long lost love.
Stop boring our senses,
with endless turtledove.

Get out your Thesarus,
and find some words.
The crap you've been writing,
makes well formed turds.

The sky is blue,
and so is the sea.
So what's new,
about these revelations,
since 1803?

I don't care how long,
he's been hurting you.
You need help to get away,
not our pity to continue.

And for you lotharios,
with one track minds.
The cell phone is more portable,
for texting ass finds.

So if you find me dull,
with my meter and rhyme.
I should say , "Go stick it,"
but instead, "Read my line."

Where the word is a razor,
and cuts a fine mime.
Sometimes the truth bleeds,
at an inconvenient  time.

There must be meaning,
in my verse.
All else is just nonsense...
or worse.

Quill pen and paper

Image Courtesy Union County, Indiana

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