Racing to a Red Light

In the hurry, burry rush of life,
we often have a goal in mind.
But distractions cloud our judgment,
as we rush to try and find.

A moment when we can rest our head.
A moment when we can just relax.
But that moment doesn't come,
when intrusions exact their tax.

We all are on the fast track,
when we are carefree and young.
Time is ours to use, just having fun.
Creeping responsibilities soon come.

Responsibilities continue to rise,
with new technology; each new show.
We find there is no time left,
as tasks and requirements grow.

We start putting off what we will do,
saying, "I'll get to it next year."
And then we rush off trivially,
on the very mundane that we fear.

So if you are racing to a red light,
stop and think about where you're going.
Slow down, relax and coast to that light.
It might turn green while you're rolling.

Red LIght Cam - Houston

Red Light Camera Shot Courtesy The Houston Chronicle

Racing to a stoplight makes no sense at all.

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