Quanks are everywhere,
don'cha know...
some move fast,
and some move slow.

I seen em in Wal-Mart,
and at the picture show.
They may be from Area 51,
don'cha know.

Then I heard they started,
in Africa or one of those,
countries like that over there.
A new kind of diseases,
spread from having sex with monkeys,
like they always do over there.

With airplanes and stuff,
it's easy for them to escape.
Some even smuggled in,
on a sailboat at the Cape.

Landed at the yacht club,
or so I heer'd tell,
hobnobbed with the nouveau riche,
fit in just like hell.

And now they have infected,
the whole damn corn tree side.
I's suspect they be everywhere,
something I just can't abide.

For this is my corn tree,
and I'll be damned if they invade!
Got my 357 Magnum registered,
and hung by my blade.

So watch out all you Quanks,
and you knows who you is.
I will eradicate you sons of bitches,
and make it my biz.

Got me a reality show,
and I'm gonna search youse out.
And when I get real close,
a commercial will pop up and shout.

I'll make you sweat the conclusion,
while I make some big bucks.
Ya'all suckers for them special offerors,
super sizing, specials and stuffs.

So next time you go downtown,
or to your favorite spot to pee,
keep an eye over your shoulder,
for Quanks in your vicinity.

Ya'all cain't be too careful,
when them Quanks is around,
the best way to detect em,
is by smell or that farting sound.

Their designer perfume,
is Corral No. 5,
their designer clothes,
are by Piercing and Tattoos Live.

So if you are a Quank,
or know one by innuendo,
don't selfie on the Internet,
or I've got your Nintendo.

Track you down and spam you,
until the bitter end.
It's youse or me's in this deal,
and I'm a gonna win.

Ain't I?

Never light a firecracker in your ass

Never light a firecracker in your ass.

For a bit of fun, I decided to
make up a word and write a poem
about it. To my surprise, the word
was already in use! So here goes..

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