Help me, I am sinking,
down, down.

Help me, I am sliding,
no grip I have found.

To think I once cherished,
worshiped and adored,
solid ground.

I'm up to my ass,
in morass,
with no one to ask,
but myself.

I'm underwater my friend,
and will not bend,
like a reed,
in the swamp of success.

Get me up,
and get me out of here!

Before I disappear,
in the face of my fear.

Sucked down a hole,
as black as my goal,
to an endless universe.

So heed this verse,
or the underworld's curse,
will have you sinking too...

into the quagmire of your desire

Quagmire of the Dollar

Come, let me drag you down… 


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