With all four senses I feel your pain,
without any feeling, there is no gain.

My nose picks up your musky scent.
My ears perk to your lament.
My eyes behold your heaven sent.
To feel your curves is where I'm bent.

I know you're hurt deep inside,
there is no place where you can hide.

So let it out, and let it flee,
come to me baby, come to me.

Let my kisses dry your tears,
let my words erase the years.

Let my fingers thrill of your senses,
let my fingers tear down your fences.

For comfort lies within your girth,
to heat you up, for all I'm worth.

There is no pleasure like one that's warm,
let me baby, I mean no harm.

With all my fingers, and all my toes,
to rub you gently, with my nose.

Feel the pain flow away,
feel the glow to brighten the day.

Nothing feels better than the human touch,
I love you baby, love you so much.

Healing Hands 1

Healing Hands 1 © Lynn McLoughlin, PassionArt.us

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