Publish or Perish


Ideas are fragile, he used to say,

With a little discouragement,

They are gone, ... away.

How can we make them stay?


Ideas float in and out of mind

Like a bee looks for honey.

Savored for a moment,

Then gone, like a gambler's money. 


First, you must write them down,

Whatever the media,

So they'll stay around.


Then you must visit them,

Once in a while,

Like an aging relative,

To make them smile.


And grow, forming in your mind.

Not be left behind.

But to flower and flourish,

Like the fruit of the vine.


Then bottle them up,

In book of your choosing,

Savor before you sip,

On the wine of your own using.


That, in time, will age

Like the wine.

And not perish,

In the fullness of time.


Copyright 2000 © Ronald W. Hull



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