Pruners and Planters

"Nature is the best landscaper,"
a wise architect friend once said.

If you've ever visited a true wilderness,
you'll understand his turn of head

Where the old and new thrive together,
In a never ending drama of weather.

Deer favor the buds of young saplings,
forcing branching into full growing boughs.

Clearing the brush and opening a path,
for the sun to shine in and heal  our sorrows.

Bears, birds, and squirrels pick the forest clean.
droppings spread seeds with a fertilizer green.

When winter comes with ice on the branches,
the weak ones fail for taking their chances.

Some plants need fire to grow strong,
burning the old-growth so the new  come on.

All things need pruning to live and thrive.
The lesson for humanity is slow to arrive.
Mule deer browsing in winter

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