Promotion Ocean

There are many fishes in the ocean,
Some swim schools, some take notion. 
To swim alone in dangerous shoal,
Where violent waves break and roll. 

It's easy for a follower to be,
Just school like fishes in the sea. 
But careful who you follow and where,
You may end up in the fishnet's snare. 

Where you're going, you must lead,
Self-promotion is a dangerous breed. 
Without followers, you can never succeed. 
To toot your horn, you must have a need.  

So flash your fins and flip your tails,
You never know when your ship sails. 
The captain always leaves on time,
Aspire to greatness and get in line.  

When your followers pave the way for you,
You are clearly in the lead and in full view. 
The sharks are waiting in the shoal,
To gobble you up while you twist and roll. 

On and on, and on again. 
Like the seashore waves roll in. 
Some will rise and some will fall,
You cannot hope to catch them all. 

So, float gently with the tide. 
Watch the waves that you may ride. 
When all things wash into motion,
You may be in for a big promotion. 

School of Fish


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