I don't like you and I know why,
that glint in your teeth,
or maybe your eye?

I'm not prejudiced, so it can't be,
your face or the color of your skin.

It must be the style of your hair,
or that cult that you're in.

I know it's a cult by that tattoo,
I know it's a cross,
but that's a cult, too.

It's probably because,
you tend toward the obese.

You're fat and you're lazy,
ugly, or any one of these.

I can tell by your face,
your criminal intent.

You live off of others,
and don't pay your rent.

I can see that you're uneducated,
by the clothes that you wear.

And all those piercings,
will get you nowhere.

And oh, by the way,
that car that you drive?

Wouldn't be caught dead in it,
even going to a dive.

I can tell by your teeth,
what drugs you are on.

People of your religion,
are committing mortal sin.

So don't talk to me,
you've got nothing to say.

Or I'll call the cops,
or blow you away.

Cuz you don't matter to me.
No matter what you do,

What will be will be,
and it’ll be on to you.

Suspect in sexual assaualt of 14 yr old girl

Sketch of Suspect
Sexual Assault
of 14 year old girl
Houston, TX
April 4, 2012

We all do it, so why deny that we do?


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