Preparing for the End 


If the End is coming,

How will you prepare?

Will two weeks of can goods and water

Keep the wolf from the door?


Will you be Y2K compliant,

And trust in reprogramming more?

Or will you wait until  12:01,

To check the score? 


Will you fall down, praying,

Your hands covering your head?

Or will you go out laughing,

Champagne hand raised instead?


Will there be fire and brimstone,

Disaster all around?

Earthquakes and tornadoes,

No safe place to be found?


Will you cower in  your basement,

When the sky falls in.

Will you feel the hot wrath of God,

Burn through your skin. 


Will you say your incantations,

And renounce your sin?

Will you go out shooting,

When you cash your cards in?


I plan to sit back,

Put my feet up, and relax.

The only thing I fear is,

Another new tax.


So go on and doom say,

With fervor and heat.

While I cruise into the new year,

Without skipping a beat.


Copyright 1999 (c) Ronald W. Hull



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