Prancers in the Park

We are but prancers in the park,
dancers in the dark, moonlight romancers,
riding on the ark.

Mood enhancers, private dancers,
freedom lancers on a lark.

Tone trancers, fine art fanciers,
looking for a place to park.

French kiss kissers, lost in blissers,
groping for the spark. 

Titillating the times, miming the mimes,
mining for diamonds in the rough.

Starstruck gazers, eyes like lasers,
hopeful when the times get tough.

Tear jerk losers, lost in sorrow boozers,
poets without a clue.

Writing our hearts out, trying to shout,
hoping against hope we'll get through.

But in the end, only one thing my friend... is true.
We are but prancers in the park.

Running by Ann Colbert

Drawing by Ann Colbert - QuantumGallery.Com


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