What does it mean to have power?
Is it a trip? Or a switch flip?

Pick your poison; it doesn't matter.
It boggles the mind to shatter.

All concepts of time and space,
to have the power to erase.

Everything into a black hole of doubt,
turning what is inside, out.

Take for example, the Higgs boson,
the "God particle" of physics chosen.

To be the source of the Big Bang,
creating every ying and alter yang.

Or the boss in your neighborhood,
power for evil, or power for good?

Money has power, so they say.
Give them a pittance, keep them in sway.

The power to lead, but not control.
The freedom to prosper, or take the dole.

But my power problem comes down to this,
when the power goes out, I get pissed.

My computers don't work, batteries go dead.
No heat and AC is something I dread.

My life is balanced on the electrical wire,
without power in it, light the funeral pyre.

At least then, I'll be warm.

Power of Lightning

On Wednesday and Thursday, brief electrical
storms caused brief electrical outages of less
than two hours, disrupting my work and forcing
me to read from paper by daylight.

Since my wheelchairs are battery powered and
I rely on air conditioning to keep me comfortable
because my paralyzed body highly sensitive to
temperature, I fear any long term outage
common here after hurricanes.


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