Who a broke a Obama's back?
And rushed Limbaugh's pac?

I donno... donno.

Who pilloried harried Hillary,
for that red party suit she wore?

Was it that john, McCain, in disdain,
with Paris Hilton or Hanoi Jane?

I donno... donno.

Was the mitt Romney wore,
more man than a Huckleberry?

Was blue jay Leno, really read,
or was it something blue red Letterman said?

I donno... donno.

Can we jimmy Kimmel''s locks?
Find out who conan the O'Brien knocks?

Does the biased FOX know its ABCs,
When C's network out blows C's BS?

I donno... donno.

Why is it that conservatives, liberally spend,
while liberals conserve against the trend?

By george, Bush is in the White House,
and going to win the war with more, and more.

I donno... donno.

Political pundits and their pacs,
blogging bandits and washed up hacks.

I'm voting for the Oscars' primary race,
Jon Stewart humor without a trace,

Of politica.

 Flag of Politica

Flag of Politica

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