Picture This


Picture me, picture you. 

A picture's worth a thousand words--it's true!


Picture pixels dancing through,

Myriad colors, shades, and hue. 


Picture lifetimes brought to view,

A thousand pictures, give or take a few. 


A fading memory of lives long lost. 

A picture worth keeping, valued far beyond its cost. 


A picture is as old as the caves of man,

Drawn to gain power over the unknown.


Draw a picture with words if you can,

The reader will need mind's eye to fill in. 


The gaps that words cannot describe,

Like time erases the stone carver's scribe. 


Picture a memory so vivid and true,

That lasts only the lifetime of me or you. 


Pictures on paper, canvas and stone,

Will eventually fade until they are unknown. 


But when a picture is electronically coded,

It can be copied and transported without being eroded. 


To dance through the ether until the end of time,

Recovered in an instant, like new and so fine.


Copyright 2001 © Ronald W. Hull



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