Now that I have escaped the bounds of Earth's grace,
and viewed the planet from outer space.
I can see clearly now the edge of existence.

Now that I've traveled with the camera's eye,
to a place that will never see the sky.
I can see clearly now the organs of my persistence.

Now that I've Googled deep for the answer,
and found it waiting like an impatient prancer.
I can see clearly now the truth of a sentence.

Now that I've searched for a few good men,
down through history and its store of them.
I can see clearly now the source of their resistance.

Now that I've dreamed the impossible life,
and fathomed its senses through trial and strife.
I can see clearly the means of its sustenance.

Now that I've climbed to the peak of perfection,
and seen my life take on a new direction.
I can see clearly now my death in the distance.

Earth from space

Blue Marble Courtesy NASA


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