Peekaboo, Doggie Do

Upsie, downsie, whoopsie, doo,
bowsie, wowsie, kiddally, coo.

Whoopsie, duptsie, diddley squat,
some like it cold, some like it hot.

Catsie, antsie, pantsie, puddley,one.
Don'tcha wanta play in the sun?

Com'n let's play and have some fun,
inside, outside, upside down, run.

Cowsie, lousy, poopsie, too,
don'tcha know that I love you!

I hate baby talk, don'tcha know?
Got my little duckies all in a row.

But when I'm around sweet little you,
can't help but peekaboo and cuddly coo.

Whoopsie doo, I love you.

Boy Joining Dogs to Take a Look

Internet image inspiring such nonsense.

For all you kiddies at heart out there.

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