Gentle waters flowing free,
Help me wend my way to thee. 
Help me find the peace I seek,
Floating on the waters deep. 

Gentle winds from the south,
Let me feel your warm mouth. 
Help me find the peace I'll find,
Breath of life, blow my mind. 

Gentle rays of morning sun,
Shine on me till day is done. 
Help me find the peace I found,
When the glorious sun goes down.

Gentle forest growing green,
Shade me from the harsh unseen. 
Help me find the peace I yearn,
Lie me down in your green fern. 

Gentle friends that come my way,
Help me through my every day. 
Help me find the peace I hear,
When meek and mild, I hold dear. 

Gentle thoughts that cross my mind,  
May their pleasure gently wind. 
Help me find a peace so deep,
That takes me to my final sleep. 
A peaceful scene of the British countryside - painting

Peaceful Painting of Romsey, Hampshire,
Great Britain


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Copyright 2004 © Ronald W. Hull


Greek universal symbol of peace