Patriot (Satire)

I'm a true blue 'Merican,
with a warm gun by my side.
I don't fear what I fear,
I'll either fight or run and hide.

The world is going to hell,
if I don't get the way I pray.
It's my way or the highway,
that's what I always say.

We have to keep them out,
they are dirty criminals all.
They don't talk or look like us,
before us they must fall.

So we will carpet bomb them,
because we don't like their kind.
Help exercise our military force.
Collateral damaged blindly blind.

We all must serve our country,
By speaking out real loud.
Arm ourselves to the teeth,
Send off young soldiers proud.

'Mericans must all unite,
and keep this country great.
Buy cheap goods made in China,
free enterprise is our right.

You know we all will get rich,
doing just like the rich folks do.
All we got to do is win the lottery,
maybe a time or two.

We don't want no free handouts,
we want to work for our pay.
Just as long as it's not hard or dirty,
no decent 'Merican works that way.

Government's always in my pocket,
government snoops on everything I do.
give me that government job,
and I'll slip you a donation or two.

I wish it was like the good old days,
when daddy worked so hard.
Mommy stayed home and took care of us,
we played and mowed the yard.

Now them damn furerners do it.

Forget the Old-Embrace the New

Old New England Patriot Logo Courtesy Wikipedia

This is satire and no way reflects ideals of
democracy, freedom, liberty and justice for
all. Some folks just seem to be overzealous
in their supposed superiority instead of including
United States of America as a part of the larger
world cooperatively solving our worldwide
problems and not focusing so much on me,
mine and ours like a spoiled child.

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