A paradox flew right over my head,
I knew it was a paradox but not where they led.

For I had my ducks in line,
and I was certainly on time,
but didn't know blue from red.

The paradox conferred in quiet tones,
so that they would not be overheard.

The quackery involved surely revolved,
about how much greenbacks,
from me could be procured.

From an old Errol Flynn joke,
they had me by the yoke.

A proctologist's delight,
they strung me up tight,
and I was a sight, for sore eyes.

I ran for the door,
but hit the floor,
as I reached the end of my rope.

The docs began to laugh,
certainly not on my behalf,
but in a certain ironic incline.

One flew over the cuckoo's nest,
but that duck wasn't certainly mine.
Even though it affected my bottom line.

I cut the rope free, and began to flee,
but the paradox continued with glee.

I reached for the phone,
but I was in the wrong zone,
and the docs went,
"quack quack quack..."
all the way home.

Pair of Mallards in Flight

Pair of Mallards © Moorhen.Me.UK

I find paradox to be a very interesting word,
so I thought I'd throw in a few clichés
to tidy it up a bit. No deep psychological
interpretations needed--just fun wordplay.

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