Life has been good,
life has been rolling.
Life takes many paths,
until it is overflowing.

Curiosity has its virtues,
the way new things are found.
But curiosity can be a sidetrack,
by the paths it takes you down.

Far above survival,
with leisure time galore.
We take the path less traveled,
if only to explore.

That path leads to another,
and another, on and on,
until we can go no further,
so many paths continue on.

And so the cup of life is full,
full to overflowing.
And I must sip the essence there,
and let the rest keep flowing.

So if I've passed you up in life,
it is not for knowing.
It's just that there are so many paths,
too many for the going.

So if I pass your way but once,
and you do find me lacking,
I doubt if I will pass your way again,
I have no time for slacking.

For I am overflowing with love,
with no regrets looking backing.

Life's Pathways


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