Out with the Old

In days of old, I've been told,
honored were the good old ways.

Sages would praise the olden days,
as if they were as ageless as gold.

Sing praises of the gods of yore.
As though everything was like before.

But it's not. Things change. What's more.
Time marches on more quickly than ever before.

Change begets change, and change keeps score,
discovers the bad, when we've been had,
to repeat that kind of history, no more.

For the future is strange with its change,
frightening to some as we age.

Remembering the best and forgetting the rest,
when it was our youth that was the rage.

The future is where those problems we stare,
in the face will be solved by our kin.

They will stand tall and conquer all,
even the worst fix that we think we are in.

For change is good and we can hide if we would,
but it's coming whether we like it or not.

So throw off the old and embrace the bold,
face it with newfound zest; let fear have its rest.

The old days are gone and they aren't coming back,
so it's time to look forward and fix what we lack.

I'm looking forward to a great new year,
fixing our problems and living in good cheer.

Are you?

Forget the Old-Embrace the New

The past tells us what not to do. But the future
is wide open and should be explored to solve
problems we have. We have to let young people
do it and not get in the way.

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