Out of the Blue

Out of the blue on a clear fall day,
The friendly skies fell away. 

The corner of an eye saw it coming. 
Surreally slow to a tower humming. 

With fresh anticipation of a busy day,
And no indication of harm's coming way. 

A perfect weapon, full of fuel and grace,
Slicing it like butter from face to face. 

A building's midsection in a fiery ball,
Oh--the horror--the enormity of it all! 

And then, as if that was not enough,
A second plane hit and the going got rough. 

When each building collapsed from its own weight,
Few remains were found to mark the innocents’ fate. 

We remember that day when it comes again,
And the fear we feel, not knowing where or when. 

From out of the blue, a world filled with hate,
Will visit our door again and open our gate. 

We can never rest until we remove all fear and hate,
Or out of the blue will seal more innocents’ fate. 

Film frame sequence by Scott Meyers

Film Frames by Scott Meyers

Copyright 2004 © Ronald W. Hull



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