I am optimistic that we will mend our fences,
mind our tenses, and close the golden door.

That we will seize control and let faith no more,
determine if and how we go fore.

Solve big problems with small footprints,
on our mother's home of birth.

Soil not and save a lot the plenty, beauty,
fauna and flora, of our mother Earth.

Cast out, "go forth and multiply,"  as a lie,
that keeps us from knowing our true worth.

Save the world with uncommon sense,
scientific knowledge of what is really tense.

Not with slogans and gala events,
glorifying the rich with moralistic pretense.

End destructive wars among ourselves,
grow up and leave our childhood behind.

If we come to know each other as people,
no real differences we will find.

We have the power in our grasp,
to end all evil and make it past.

We can stop the bickering and the bombast.
We can heal the Earth and make it last.

We can keep our eyes on the stars,
and if we are willing, leave ours.

And create heaven of our own making.
Halo Over the Grand Tetons


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