Open Road

The open road isn't as open as it used to be. 
Can't stop by the roadside and take a pee. 

The quaint roadside rest areas are about gone. 
Choose McDonald's or Burger King from now on. 

No quaint little cabins of ill repute, neither.
Just rotels with Continental breakfast, brother.

Road kill punctuates the lines in the road.
Pets, wild critters, and the occasional toad.

Just more road kill to decorate the path.
As SUVs and pickups dispense their wrath.

Highways are freeways that merge to the right. 
Sure saves eyesight in the middle of the night. 

Pedal to the metal and draft as you go,
Woe to those who drive too slow. 

So get out and elbow the trucks and cars.
Who, me?  I’d rather drive on Mars.

Insult to injury


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