Only the Young

When we were young,
and we were free,
the world was all,
we wanted it to be.

We loved and laughed,
tried, cried and lied,
and when someone left us,
we almost died.

For life was immediate,
and the emotions were real,
they played on our senses,
and made our minds reel.

We were invincible,
for life was a steal,
we danced with the devil,
and knew how to feel.

We explored the limits,
of the world we knew,
to the dismay of our elders,
our naivety showed through.

And the world we shaped,
became what we were,
a new world of wonder,
and an old world of fear.

For many of the lessons,
we learned were not new.
They were just the same,
that the elders had done too.

So the cycle continues,
like each season brand-new,
each generation has to learn,
the false from the true.

Only the young can do it,
not me and you.

Exuberant Youth on a Beach

Image © J Pierre Brunet, Panoramio

When we worry about the direction the world
is going, we have to remember that the young
do not worry like their elders, but bravely
change the world in ways we can’t imagine.

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