Only a Game

What if war were only a game?
And countries competed all the same.
Put their best to the test,
Win or lose no one's to blame.

Our soldiers come home free,
with only bumps and bruises.
Their minds stressed ultimately,
by their checks and chooses.

Where only the fittest can survive,
but everyone returns alive.
Where competing means we thrive,
And the winner take the spoils.

To be bathed in fine oils,
topped with a wreath of ivy coils.
With the gods the mind swirls,
what thinks the mind beneath those curls?

To have the maiden of his wishes,
unfettered by religious switches.
Turning life, "on" or "off",
to some patriarch's twitches.

If only war were a game,
they held the war and no one came.
Everyone laughed and came home sane,
for all the world to see...

Oh, what a wonderful world it would be!

Olympians at War


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Copyright 2010 © Ronald W. Hull