One Track Mind

What genre do you write in?
What pleasure do you find?
What is your only expertise?
Do you have a one track mind?

If your answers to these questions,
all come out the same.
And you blame everyone else,
who don't want to play your game,

Then something has happened,
that has indoctrinated your mind,
through constant repetition,
thoughts hardening in kind.

Trapped in your narrow viewpoint,
can't see any other side,
gathered together with like minds,
in either fight, flight or hide.

Your brain has been programmed,
to replay the same old game.
No matter what the problem or issue,
your answer is always the same.

You must escape the cult you're in,
to lead a rich full life.
For down the path you travel,
is only stress and strife.

Constant conflict with others,
who do not share your strong belief.
With cultish promises hollow,
that never give you relief.

Only you can reprogram,
your mind to break it out.
From the constant repetition,
all it takes is a little doubt.

From that little opening to reason,
a new perspective can emerge.
Individualistic freedom to choose,
and that addiction you can purge.

Unless you're paranoid.

Trapped in a One Track Mind

Cartoon ©

The president of my university challenged each
graduate to "Do one thing well." That may work
for employment until the need for that skill disappears,
but that does not work well for life. Those of us
who get caught up in organizations, religions or cults
and get indoctrinated in the group's only way of
thinking are trapped. Not critically dealing with the
complexities of life because they only see things
from single viewpoint. I challenge everyone to break
free from the cults they are in by taking risks and
viewing things from "the other side."

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