Olympic Moment


Climb to the Olympus top.

Climb as though you'll never stop.

The way is long and it is narrow.

Not for the weak heart of a sparrow.


But if you are strong of heart,

You can begin to make a start.

Lonely, rising in your room,

Venturing out in the predawn gloom.


Those who see you will think you a fool.

And they'd be right, as a general rule.

But you have it in you to succeed;

It isn't passing fancy or golden greed.


It's something far more difficult to describe.

Something you don't get from your pride.

It's way down deep in hide.

Seek it out and take it for a ride. 


The idea, be it humble and meek,

You can be more than you think.

But you must strive to be more than you are.

Only then, will you go far.  


To face your opponents at every meet.

Learn from losing in the street.

The road is long, and it is far.

Your self-discipline will make you a star.


From the rarity of winning,

Will come your strength.

Through trial after trial,

Until you reach the brink.


Of the greatness you know you are.

On to the winning, reach for a star.

And if you can cross the breach,

In that moment, the gold you'll reach. 


Copyright 2000 © Ronald W. Hull



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