Oceans Away!

Sharks are chummily dying for shark fin soup,
Groupers are groping where no groupers group.

Seals are swimming smilingly in slimy sea oils,
Manatees bear battle scars after boat motor foils.

Whales are happy wearing fashionable fishnets,
Sushi sliced blue tuna is as gauche as it gets.

Turtles in teds tread sandy shores without tears.
Polar bears swim nyads chasing disappearing ice fears.

Albatrosses feast on colorful plastic floating toys.
Mercury rises from flora into fishes’ biggest boys.

Live crabs love living in vending machines rude.
Caged lobsters turn red from hot tubbing nude.

Fukushima spews its ghastly radioactive surprise,
so oceans away the glow will once again arise.

Farm fed fresh salmon are fat finned and sassy.
Their wild run cousins are skinny and not classy.

So, dump your garbage into the endless sea,
dilution is the solution and it will always be.

Oceans away!  Go away!  Begone!
You know we don’t need you,
so please, don’t take so long.

Moses parting the sea

Moses ordering to seas to part courtesy bible.ca

Out of sight, out of mind.  The oceans are
thought to be endless and impervious to
our behavior.  Aside from the obvious
affects of all of our trash and spills
eventually ending up in the sea;
unseen seawater warming,
increased acidification,
and freshwater runoff from major
ice shelves pose the greatest danger
to all life in the seas.

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