Ocean of Emotion

Overflowing like a volcano,
wondering where the anger came,
with regrets hanging in the aftermath,
the tragic results remain the same.

It's crying time again,
but there isn't any rain.
Crying just comes natural,
even without any pain.

Smiling like there was sunshine,
shining on the fruited plain,
but there was only disruption function,
through the window of the rain.

The future is bright and sunny,
the shirking sad and gray.
Everything outside is growing,
while the inside is fading away.

The whirlwind of romance,
has created a wonderful trance.
Until reality comes crashing down,
ending the devotional dance.

Anguish has no answers,
and hatred has no bounds,
the turmoil we create ourselves,
calls out the baying hounds.

Emotion is a potion,
both weak and strong combined,
boils over in our devotion,
to benign and tortured mind.

Turbulence of the Carribean Sea of Emotion

While I have the same emotions as everyone,
I'm not very emotional. However, I do find that
there are emotional people all around me and
that actors in good dramas are very good at
displaying emotion. Here is my take on that...

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