A Novel Idea 


Ah, for a novel idea!

I could write a book,

Get it copyrighted, patented,

Or even trademarked with the right look.


I could nurture and coddle,

Even develop it a bit with lies.

Protect it from infringement,

And prying, meddling eyes. 


Start a company on my own,

With help from venture capitalists.

To my initial public offering,

Make it the darling of stock analysts.


I'd make millions on paper,

And notoriety to boot.

Giving millions to charitable causes,

That I don't give a hoot. 


But, alas, my ideas are all reruns,

Rehashed,  timeworn chestnut drivel.

Guess I'll to go to work,

Or write a novel.


Copyright 1999 (c) Ronald W. Hull



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