No Satisfaction

Won't give you no satisfaction,
…no I won't.
Don't have to bend to your will,
…no I won't.

While you fail to accommodate,
my mind's on, its getting late.
It is time you saw the light,
before they overturn your slate.

And abandon what you thought was right,
the world based on survival, coercion, and might.
The one where strict rules held the fragile fabric of life,
where wealth and influence brought so many strife.

For one that was just, kind and fair,
where those held in hierarchical bondage,
could hope for freedom,
could breathe a new air.

By challenging your rules,
I am set free.
You can't disable,
or handicap me.

You see, long ago,
I saw through your lies.
Your intolerance of difference,
your ignorance with my eyes.

Your jealousy of accomplishment,
denial of creative youth.
Your focus on the me and my,
under the guise of being couth.

Your greed is showing,
like a gold tooth.
Obviously so frivolous,
no need for proof.

So I will parry your every thrust,
you lie so transparent you lose my trust.
The guile of your glory,
is an old, old story.

And when you have lost,
the trust of your minions.
You will get your just desserts,
regardless of your unjust opinions.

You will get no satisfaction,
from defeating me.

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