Nonsense in Love

Her eyes were as sharp as her words,
As she rolled in with the morning tide. 
She asked me if I thought she was beautiful?
I hedged.  I hawed.  I lied. 

The curve of her hip made me delirious. 
The sun and the moon met and sighed. 
She asked me if I was imperious?
I laughed.  I choked.  I denied . 

My loins ached with angst for her thighs. 
While the stars and planets opened wide. 
She asked me if I was serious?
I thought.  I fought.  I sighed. 

My lips tingled with her foment. 
While comets imploded my inside. 
She asked me to marry the moment. 
I conceded.  I defeated.  I tried. 

Like my orgasm she was gone in a moment. 
While stars burned out like snide. 
She spewed out like bad vomit. 
I hesitated.  I gasped.  I died. 


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