New Order


Today, Old Jeff Davis came down.

With Hitler on the rise,

The Confederacy's on the ground.


It had been a haven for gangs.

To be replaced by a furniture store's idea,

Of apartment luxury living.

An entrepreneur's idea of profit.

From a hospital for giving.


For it was a haven for the poor,

The downtrodden, and more.

A hospital for the masses.

And now it is no more.


But all that passes.


The medical center moved south,

Wrenched the Shamrock from the mouth,

That fed it, and

Replaced it by a fountain.


Not a Stone Mountain.

And so yet another tribute to the man,

Who symbolized man enslaving man.

Is lost.


People cried when Old Jeff came down.

But is it right in a multicultural world to keep around,

A symbol of our shame? 


Don't weep, don't blame, just be glad to erase the name.

Copyright 1999 (c) Ronald W. Hull



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