Deep in the lost mists of time,
when humankind first became aware,
something was missing in the struggle,
the need to humanly share.

For there were lessons,
forged deep in the wood.
And those that survived them,
could pass on the good.

For the children were weak,
and alone could not survive,
without the knowledge of elders,
teachings of prosper and thrive.

Spirits arose from evil smells,
and strange unknowns to the sight,
some appeared in the day,
and some in the night.

Some were good with signs of plenty,
some were very bad with signs of death.
Interpreting these signs were weighty,
only sages could define their breadth.

Some appeared in dreams,
some appeared in stupor.
All of these signs were passed down,
as surely right and proper.

From generation to generation,
the stories were passed,
with metaphor and fable,
so young memories would be cast.

In the ideology of the family, tribe and nation,
everything in order, everyone with a station.
For there was evil lurking out there,
that would take away life, and didn't care.

The fear was primal, and never went away,
with good spirits for guidance, fear was held at bay.
In time, the stories, were carved in stone.
Still pondered by scholars to this very day.

Written into words for each generation to own.
Published in books, and edited to be proper,
to meet the king's standards, and not the pauper.

While our primal fears continue,
like the bogeyman under the bed.
The myth has been hammered,
through repetition and dread into head.

Until myth has become a lifestyle for some,
who let myth do all of their thinking.
The flock that is sacrificed so easily,
because they don't have an inkling.

So wars rage on over whose myth,
is right and whose myth is wrong.
Bolstered by tales of their exploits,
through revelations and song.

The myths of the ancients,
no longer hold true.
Science has debunked many,
that so many hang onto.

We are all one people on this earth,
and have to rely on knowledge,
and not spirits for our worth.

There are very real dangers to fear,
for we have created threats severe.
it's time we stop reveling in myth,
for the danger is present and clear.

Time to debunk all the fallacies,
that keep holding us back in our fear.
So that a brighter future for everyone,
will finally, after so much struggle,


God gives Adam the finger.

God giving Adam the finger by Michelangelo
courtesy the History channel.

Myth, the very thing that allowed us to
overcome our animal instincts, is holding
us back as we destroy our planet in its name
rather than forging ahead together to the stars.

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