My Love (For Your Birthday)


My love is an enigma, growing younger every day.

She is a woman for all seasons, yet so constant in her way.

Am I too ugly?  Am I too fat?  How do I look in this or in that?

Am I too curvy?  Am I too flat?  Am I tall enough to wear this?

Or should I wear that?


I nod in acceptance, and try to agree.  Don't want to get into, is it her or is it me?

The fact is she's fine, and growing older like wine.

It's just that time and the mirror, act differently, year to year.

And you can't rely on others' opinions, either.


The answer, my love, is in thyself.

Do you feel cared for, loved, and desired?

Are you relaxed and carefree?

Or are you lonely, picked on, or wired?


Is life a long lonely path?

Or full of opportunity with no aftermath?


Just don't worry, be happy day to day.

And we'll grow old together, happy in our own way.


Copyright 1998 © Ronald W. Hull



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