My Gun

My gun is my freedom,
my God given right.
I aim to kill, and to win,
whatever, the fight.

My heroes are shooters,
who kill with great skill,
so I practice and I practice,
to make a clean kill.

Happiness is a warm gun,
close by my side.
It helps hide my fear,
and bolster my pride.

For the world is very dangerous,
from the news that I read.
Full of terrorists and bad guys,
and I don't want to bleed.

My dominion over animals,
is clear with my gun.
I shoot what I want,
for sport and for fun.

No bear, snake, wolf or lion,
will harm me or my kin.
I shoot them for trophies,
and treasure their skin.

My gun is locked away,
where it will do no harm.
Just where I can't use it,
when faced with alarm.

So I keep it close and handy,
near my bed or in my car.
Where the kids always find it,
and things go bizarre.

My gun will protect me,
from all kinds of harm.
I will use it in anger,
my foes to disarm.

I will use it in anger,
with a magazine to spare,
for the more shots that I have,
the more that I will scare.

And when I am through,
I will do myself in.
Justified in all the killing,
because revenge is no sin.

I will use it in sorrow,
in depression and guilt.
For my human frailty,
is just the way that I'm built.

My final freedom,
is to do myself in,
with a shot to my temple,
and a shock to my kin.

Harleton Heston's Gun Rant—From My Cold Dead Hands

Image © AFP 2008

I hunted for food legally, unlike many of my
contemporaries who enjoyed destructive
shooting, until I was 20 and lost my hands
to paralysis. I owned a 22 automatic rifle
and a 16 gauge bolt action shotgun, and
considered target practice a waste of
ammunition. A pistol had no purpose for
hunting and is primarily designed to shoot
other humans at close range, so I never
desired owning one. I'm glad that I was
unable to use a gun and have lived without
one in my house for the rest of my life.
My best protection is 911, not a gun.

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