My Computer Broke


This morning when I awoke,

I went to check my email,

And my computer broke.

It was no joke.


"Cannot locate your modem."

The message said.

I could feel the blood pressure

Rise in my head. 


We checked the connections,

As standard procedure.

When suddenly,

My monitor had a seizure. 


The screen would come on in a flash,

Then fade to black,

My hopes to dash.


How could I work in that momentary vision?

Like a blind man's remembrance,

A flashback, brain given.


My computer still worked like a charm.

But not seeing what's in it,

Caused my alarm.


What about all the work,

I forgot to back up?

Or I hadn't put up?


To the Net, temporarily safe.

I was lost, like a homeless waif.

Unable to find icons in the dark.

A Noah without an ark. 


How would I write this poem for you?

Do my taxes, and my banking too?

I called my repairman to find out.


"You're monitor's shot."

"But I've got, just the thing,"  he said.

"You've got a second monitor card,

With this old monitor, I thee wed."


Great relief rose up in my head.

I was not blind, I was not dead.

So I write this poem to be read.


Computers may come,

And computers may go.

But who knows the cost,

Of an idea lost? 


I don't know.


Copyright 1999 (c) Ronald W. Hull 



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