How musk is a musk ox's smell?
That sweet fragrance straight from hell.

I don't know, but you sure can tell,
when you get close enough.

Which brings me to snuff.
You know, that musky stuff?

You put in your nose to get a high?
Just gives me, a pungent watery eye.

And what better musk tart,
than sweet burgundy wine.

Served with an aged beefsteak,
seared and broiled to divine.

The aroma of mushrooms,
from the damp forest floor.

Bursting with flavor of musk,
the safe, rubbery kind we adore.

And speaking of adoration,
may I implore?

Think of that valley,
that men search for.

Seeking out the dank musk,
that drives musk ox cows wild.

In pheromone heaven you'll abide,
a safe warm place for a nose to hide.

The safe warm place from the cold,
enjoyed whether you are young or old.

So if you're in a blizzard,
with your butt to the wind.

Follow the musk.
It will get you in.

Musk Oxen Avoiding Smell

Do you know why they're all facing outward?
No one wants to be behind. ;-)

I never met a musk ox and I don't like
burgundy wine.I guess I wrote this because
sometimes you've got to get out of your
comfort zone and sniff out the best there is. ;-)


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