Mourn No More

Mourn no more my people,
mourn no more today.
Your sons and daughters,
lost in war, forever there to stay.

War no more has meaning,
war no more makes sense.
Going to war is only leaning,
on the lives of our innocents.

War is just a ruse,
foisted as our defense.
Makes old men more wealthy,
while killing young makes sense?

War is now technically surgical,
but the knife cuts wide and deep.
With so many civilians killed,
so many promises to keep.

It's okay to honor our soldiers,
who saved us in the past.
But we shouldn't honor victory,
with all the evil it's cast.

For if history taught us anything,
it's taught us that war is hell.
To honor all the killing,
only time will tell.

To honor all the killing,
has reached its death knell.
A time for more compassion,
when mourning can go to hell.

The Price of War

The Price of War


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Iraq War Memorial Garden

Iraq War Memorial Garden