There were two

Mount Holy Hoax

We all are climbing a mountain,
from our birth until we go.

And we all are climbing others,
gone before us fast or slow.

Which path we take differs,
we all wander in our own way.

But those on easy straight and narrow,
still eventually, have to pay.

For there is no top to that mountain,
just hopes and dreams piled high.

If hopes and dreams would get there,
we'd all be touching the sky.

But the trip by nature is precarious,
on every side, a very steep drop.

So if you fly on angel's wings,
don't fly too close to the top.

That light at the end of the tunnel,
is the same that catches moths at night.

All this holy this or holy that,
is just a hoax of wrong and right.

There is no mountain high enough,
to clear life's final demand.

It makes no difference, top or bottom,
who is dealt the best of life's hand.

Man on a Mountaintop

Man on a Mountaintop © Dr. Leah Schade,

We can't help how we are born.
We can't go through life without learning from others.
But we can avoid the pitfalls of false hope.

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