There were two

Mornin' 'Merica

Good morning America, a Why you.
Don'tcha know me? I'm your native Tax on.

Yes, Virginia, I know Why roaming,
from Callie fornicate yeah to Whiskey n sin.

Ida hoed her garden of Arid zone a,
and Penned Sylvania some Ill noise.

Al asked ya if you ever Road Island,
or if you ever Tended to see Mary land?

I owe a lot to Miss a sippy on a straw,
Washing a ton of wash for me Ali ban me ma.

Connect a cut and Color a do,
where in the heck has Ore gone to?

If Neb ask ya where Mich a gone,
Tell him ya think he 'scape to Ver mont.

I Knew Jersey and a Indian a tobacky a while,
but Massa chews it down South Caroline a style.

Go West, Virgin in ya to end your Misery,
I'm sure you'll find Ken's ass in your history.

Spied by South Decoder 'neath Mont Anna sky,
caught by a North Decoder Oh high oh high.

Never ask what Della wear or Knew Maxie go,
but then I Never had a feeling like Georgia, no.

You taught me not to ever pine,
where Ken tucked key of mine.

So if I missed your Okay home a bit,
Lewis, Anna and that New Hemp shire's fit.

I'll end my morning journey in a state of Main,
You taught me a New York state of pain.

Don't go Florida on me if I forgot yours,
writing this poem was the onerest of chores.

Political Preference of States-Wikipedia

States colored by political preference courtesy Wikipedia

I hope you enjoy this journey down some twisted
states of mind. Thank you, Arlo Guthrie,
for my morning song.

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