Moonlit Night

Moonlit night, so often I have pined.

Moonlit night, where I, so easily find,

Your love light shines, oh so kind,

Moonlit night.

When the nighthawk flies and we hear its call,

The Moonlit night gives up its all.

Together, we watch and wish as stars fall,

Moonlit night.

We watch your reflection off the waves,

As they gently gurgle against the shore.

Moonlit night, leave us nevermore.

Moonlit night.

Release your secrets ever more,

Your chain of love that's gone before,

When ancients worshiped your lore,

Moonlit night.

So when our days grow cold,

We will remember moonlit nights of old,

Forever will our story be told.

Moonlit night.

Moonlight on Water by Snow Seychelle

From Watercolors of  Snow Seychelle

Think a 1930s croon...

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