Monkey Pox

Bagels, lox, Monkey Pox,
Pop that pus outta sight. 

Three legged frogs on mossy logs,
That turn into monster fishy fright. 

Prairie dogs, feral hogs,
Care to have SARS tonight?

Chimpanzee wars, sexual whores,
Take me, AIDS, in flight. 

Lola, Lola, get your Ebola,
Monkeys that love to bite.

Ranta, Santa, where’s your Hanta?
Hiding like a rat from the light.

Tic tocks, Monkey Pox,
Time is running out.

There is no cure, for what we fear,
When it jumps and finds us right. 

Pet your frog like a dog,
Wake up screaming in the night. 

As the fox, slips the pox,
Totally out of sight. 

… Until it pops out on you!

The deadly Hantavirus from rodents

Copyright 2003 © Ronald W. Hull


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