Mocking the Bird

Have you heard the word?
They're mocking the bird,
and hanging him out to dry.

There's a foul in the air,
that's going nowhere,
as far as mocking birds fly.

All the talking and gawking,
and sputtering about.
Makes one wonder,
why they so shout.

We hope and we squander,
and down under wander,
chasing the proverbial, why?

Mocking the nerd,
with a great big word,
letting that bird whistle out.

To make sense of it all,
we are mocking the call,
of the bird with the word,
in the hand and the bush.

To swoop the toupee,
parting the hair where it lay,
to fly in the wind as if thinned,
better than two in the tush.

To end this sad tale,
without a whimper or wail,
just a bird by the tail,
with a pullet rather than push.

Cheep, cheap.

Mockingbird Telling It Like It Is

Mockingbird courtesy The McClaughry Blog

From the twilight zone, open for your interpretationÉ
Nonsense is us. Just like the political season.
The mating call of the nincompoop.

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